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Episode 71: From the Archive, It’s Playing Games with History

I’ve juuncle moneybagsst begun the autumn term, and my students are about to play a game–to play a game based upon the Second Crusade, to be precise. So I thought that this was the time to pull out a previous conversation which is dedicated to discovering how games can be part of any pedagogy, but particularly teaching history.

Talking with me in this conversation is Kellian Adams. She’s the Founder and Mastermind of Green Door Labs, which creates “educational game design on demand!” We discuss why games are both composed of both arbitrary rules and a lot of reality, how that combination makes them a lot like life, and why Kellian hates, hates, hates the word “gamification.” (We promise never to use it in conversation, ever again. Honest.)

Anyway, we’re hoping that this re-podcast (???) makes you jump for joy.

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